Stefanie Rummel presents Chansons – Songs & Stories from Piaf, Brel & Me Her Musical Cabaret brings the Joie de Vivre to the 75th Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Stefanie Rummel presents Chansons – Songs & Stories from Piaf, Brel & Me 

Her Musical Cabaret brings the Joie de Vivre to the 75th Edinburgh Festival Fringe

5x Award-Winner Stefanie Rummel takes her acclaimed musical cabaret Chansons to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The musical cabaret show boasts the style and swagger which has charmed audiences the world over, with French Songs and Stories from Piaf, Brel and Rummel herself! Chansons will run from 5th – 21st August at 17:45. Spoken in English, sung in French and English, it will bring a truly international experience to the Scottish doorstep. 

"I wanted to give audiences a taste of the French way of living without the need to travel and especially without the jet lag! It gives people an opportunity to look at other cultures and reflect wonderfully on your own life and be inspired! How do we spend time? What is important to us in life?" 

This musical cabaret stands for 'touching' stories about life and passionate songs from 'Ne me quitte pas' (Brel) to 'Milord' (Piaf). Sung and performed in the form of “brilliant show interludes[HK4] ” by Stefanie Rummel (singing/acting) and accompanied by pianists such as: Bogdan Pieleanu (Rumania), Tom Schlueter (Germany), Andreas Sommer (Germany), Bob Egan (US),  Vignir Þór Stefánsson (Iceland). 

You hear autobiographical stories about France such as: how we, eat, meet friends, approach life in another country. It is about the art of living. The ' savoir vivre' and the ' joie de vivre'. The journey goes from love to war and freedom and from childhood memories to adulthood. 
Various styles of French songs that became famous across the world can be heard: from jazz to pop from musical theatre to chansons, from singer songwriters and own songs to traditional songs. 

The show Chansons premiered live in Germany in 2019. Since then Stefanie Rummel has performed live and online in theatres or cabarets in New York and San Francisco, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, C ARTS, Lathi Fringe, Living Records Festival, New Zealand Fringe, Brighton Fringe at conventions, dinner theatres, theatres and at the Reykjavik Fringe Festival. 

The award winning singer and musical theatre actress Stefanie Rummel, has lived and performed in France, the US and Germany. In Chansons she shares experiences about living in other cultures. The triple threat entertainer has produced various one-woman-shows and musical cabarets. Her shows are performed in English, German and French and are seen nationally and internationally on cruise ships, theatres, events and variety shows. Stefanie Rummel has played about 11 years in the Musical Nunsense and also performed in musicals such as Kiss Me Kate, Sweet Charity and Jesus Christ Superstar. 

Chansons was nominated for[HK6]  Producer of the Year & Choice Theatermaker 2021 and Best Player & Best Musical 2022 by The TheaterMakers Studio from the Tony Award winner Ken Davenport. 

This musical cabaret won several awards: 

It won the 1st award in the category Chansons at the German Rock and Pop Award 2022. 
In the category Best Composition Stefanie Rummel won 2nd award with the chanson 'Art'. She composed and produced this song in French and English for the Marsh Stream and Solo Art Heals in San Francisco. The chanson is about the effect, art has on us. Art is a source of inspiration, of meditation, of feeling, of reflection, of creating strength. 

'Frère Jacques' won 2nd place as a multimedia film. A French chanson that is known by people all over the world. Stefanie Rummel sings 'Brother John' in 16 different languages and talks about the effect songs have beyond borders, countries and languages. 
'Where have all the flowers gone' won 3rd place in the category Best Female Folk Singer. In English, Icelandic, German, French, Stefanie Rummel interprets this haunting anti-war song by Pete Seeger.  
Another chanson 'My way' or 'Comme d’habitude' won 3rd place in the category Best Female Musical Singer. 

Stefanie Rummel just became finalist as the Best Vocalist at the InterContinental Music Award 2022. ‘Amsterdam’ by Jacques Brel from Chansons was selected.

Chansons is characterized by passionate French chansons interpreted in English and French, heart touching autobiographical stories, individual exchange with the audience, intercultural insights and an outlook to the joie de vivre: It is a charming musical cabaret with depth. Interessé? 

The in-person version of Chansons plays for a limited run from 5-21 August 2002 at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in the C ARTS season at C aquila. 

The digital on-demand version of Chansons can be seen in the C ARTS year-round online digital programme. Tickets:

"Rummel’s voice is outstanding: it moves from delicate, lingering notes (in a superb cover of Autumn Leaves) to real moments of joie de vivre in Rummel’s take on the Piaf classic, L’Accordeoniste."   
★★★★ The Reviews Hub   

"A fascinating show, comfortably paced and with the right amount of history, songs and personal anecdotes, it held my attention despite me being far from fully conversant in French."   
★★★★ LondonTheatre1

Edinburgh: 5-21 August 2022 - 17:45 (60 Min.) 
Edinburgh Fringe venue 21 - C ARTS | C venues | C aquila 
Roman Eagle Lodge, 2 Johnston Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2PW  
Tickets for Chansons in person:  

For more information, visit: and 

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