Touching Audience Reviews about the Musical Cabaret CHANSONS - Songs & Stories from Piaf, Brel & Me at C aquila temple Edinburgh

Touching Audience Reviews about the Musical Cabaret: CHANSONS

Chansons - Songs & Stories from Piaf, Brel & Me from Stefanie Rummel 

I had some amazing audience reactions in my musical cabaret Chansons. 

A change in mind thanks to Chansons:
- One gentleman from London  - got up at the end of my premiere - gave me standing ovations and then he said - he had 3-4 miserable weeks - my show changed something in his mind - he will leave the theatre with a smile. 

A gift for me in the middle of the show: Some evenings later a man got up in the middle of my show - he got up - in tears - went to the stage - bowed - said it is a beautiful show with tears in his eyes - placed an artist ring on the stage as a gift for me... I do not know who he was but thank you so much for this special gift. 

On the Edinburgh Fringe Website I had audience review my show: 

William Pugh  - A recommendation 

Highly recommend: a welcome, relaxing break from the hurly-burly of the festival outside. Songs of love, nostalgia and pain by some of the greats of the form, lovingly presented and well sung. Give it a go! 

Dall Wilson  - Superb Songs & Depth 

Superb song skills interwoven with audience action. Makes the hour irresistible. Good for family. Intriguing surprises. Depth. Go see. 

A French reviewer Gaelle wrote: An ode to being European! 

“Chansons is one of a kind show! The songs Stefanie interprets are an ode to being European and letting art shines in your life! She sings in French, German and English and will communicate her joie de vivre to the audience every day! Not to be missed and definitely worth seeing!” 

 Barbara Gruber: Spellbound - Electric  - Beautifully Unexpected Pleasure 

“This was such a beautifully unexpected pleasure. My friend had an extra ticket and invited me along to a show I wouldn't have attended otherwise. From the minute the lights went down, Stefanie Rummel created an atmosphere so moving, so nostalgic and electric, we were all spellbound. Not many performers make me cry, or smile through those tears, ( I hate feeling like I am being manipulated, and no, I did NOT cry at Love Story) but this show was exquisitely masterful and genuine . Go see it. Take some tissues. You didn't know you wanted to see a cabaret show - but you did.” 

My inner motivation why I perform is to touch people in their minds and their hearts and they refelected it in these reviews. I am thank all reviewers for taking the time to give back. 

My next shows are playing every day at 5:45 pm at C aquila - Roman Eagle Lodge, 2 Johnston Terrace. I am looking forward to meet you there and to exchange thoughts of life. 

Edinburgh Fringe: 5th to the 21st of August 2022 
Duration: 17:45 (60 min.) 
Venue  C ARTS | C venues 21| C aquila venue 
Roman Eagle Lodge, 2 Johnston Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2PW 
Admission fee: : £8-£10 (concessions available) 
Contact info:, 
Further show informations: 

Online on demand:

Bienvenue to Chansons, the musical intercultural show.  Soul-touching stories about life and passion, from ‘Ne me quitte pas’ (Brel) to ‘Milord’ (Piaf). Live life the French way for one night, without travelling or jetlag. It doesn’t matter if you speak French or not – all is explained in English. This piece inspires our own lives by looking at other cultures. Sung and performed in brilliant showmanship by Stefanie Rummel and her pianists. It was seen in theatres and cabarets in France,  Germany, Iceland, Finland, UK and US. ‘Great chansons… passionate feelings’ (Rheingauer Echo). 

 "Rummel’s voice is outstanding: it moves from delicate, lingering notes (in a superb cover of Autumn Leaves) to real moments of joie de vivre in Rummel’s take on the Piaf classic, L’Accordeoniste." **** The Reviews Hub - Helen Tope 

"A fascinating show, comfortably paced and with the right amount of history, songs and personal anecdotes, it held my attention despite me being far from fully conversant in French."  Review LondonTheatre1 by Chris Omaweng (4 Star Review ****

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