CHANSONS live at the Adelaide Fringe 2023 17, 20.-22 Feb: 6:00 18,-19 Feb: 4:30 25.-26 Feb: 4:20 28 Feb, 1 Mar: 8:30 The Garage International @ Adelaide Town Entrance via Pirie St or Paul Kelly Lane.
Chansons: Piaf, Brel & Me – Musical Cabaret about France

Chansons stands for 'touching' stories about life and passionate songs from 'Ne me quitte pas' (Brel) to 'Milord' (Piaf). Sung and performed in the form of ' brilliant show interludes' by Stefanie Rummel (singing/acting) and accompanied recordings by Bogdan Pielanu, Tom Schlüter and Bob Egan (piano). Become part of the French way of life for an evening without traveling and jet lag. It doesn't matter if you speak French or not. Everything will be explained in English. Audience members described Chansons as a 'heart connecting performance'. Be inspired by looking at other cultures from German, French and international perspectives. Online and offline, Chansons can be seen in theaters and musical cabarets in Germany, France, Iceland, the UK, Finland and the USA. Stefanie has won several awards in singing competitions. (Global Music Award (Silver Medal), Intercontinental Music Award 2022 (Finalist - Best Vocal Performance), German Rock & Pop Award 2021 (1st,2x2, 2x.3 place) In addition, she can be seen at festivals: Reykjavik Fringe Festival, Living Records, Lathi Fringe Festival (Finland), Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

35 reduced / 40 Australian Dollars