Chansons - Songs & Stories from Piaf, Brel & Me - Live on Zoom, 7 pm London, 2pm ET (NewYork City), 20 Uhr Berlin

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Living Record Festival, United Kingdom

Online performances - 17.01.2022 -22.02.2022 - Bienvenue to Chansons, the musical intercultural show about France.
Live on Zoom, 7 pm London, 2pm ET (NewYork City), 20 Uhr Berlin 'Soul touching' stories about life and songs from 'Ne me quitte pas' (Brel) to 'Milord' (Piaf) are performed in 'Brilliant showmanship' by Stefanie Rummel and her pianists. Become part of the French way of living for one night without traveling and having jetlag. It does not matter if you speak French or not. It’s explained in English. This 'Heart connecting performance' can inspire our own lives by looking at other cultures. Online and offline shows are performed in theaters and cabarets in Germany, Iceland, Finland, France, Norway, Edinburgh, Lathis, US....

Trailer: 5 min.

Pitch Deck:

  • 5 x Award Winner with Chansons: 1st Chansons, 2nd Best Music Video & Compositions, 3rd - Musical & Folk

  • “Producer of the Year 2021” Nomination with Chansons: Theatermakers Studio from the Tony Award Winner Ken Davenport.

  • Derek Awards Edinburgh Fringe: Good fun and enjoyable.… More than worth a watch.

  • Multilingual Show performed in - English / French / German

  • Online and offline live shows

10 Pounds